Saturday, April 08, 2006

Arjun stirs up a hornet's nest- The Economic Times

Mr. Singh,
I remember shaking hands with you during the convocation at IITG last yr. You were talking of globalisations and development.
But is this current reservation move in central univs. justified in the current globalised world? We should stleast leave out the premier institutes of our country like IITs and IIMs from such politically inspired moves.
Th social upliftment is not propertionate to the percentage of reservations in higher educational institutes. But instead I think, the Minister must focus his energy on the primary and secondary education, to provide a level playing field to children of every class/society. After all its more than just levying 2% educational tax and mid-day meals.
A strong will independent is required instead of trying to gain mere political mileage

Arjun stirs up a hornet's nest- The Economic Times
and Mandalising seats at IITs and IIMs

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